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Mr Maria Anana Elephant Lamp

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A baby elephant is cute and makes the atmosphere pleasantly warm and snug inside a room without the lamp getting warm itself. It emits soft glow of light around it, but does not get warm itself so children can hug, cuddle, and touch their best buddy.

This lamp uses an LED lighting source, which doesn’t warm its polyethylene body. For this updated version, it now features 6 brightness setting including a night mode. Use the minimum brightness when the baby is in the bed or listening to a fairy tale, to a maximum level of intensity when she/he is reading a book or comic.

Now comes with a refreshing yellow touch button to bring contrast and a sense of calm, perfectly round circle unit which incorporates a touch on and off button and a + / - to control the brightness.

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Features of the Mr Maria Anana Elephant Lamp:

- 6 brightness levels including a night mode function

- LED lamp

- Doesn't get warm - Safe to touch

- Supplied with USB cable only and excludes adapter

Dimensions: L43 x W43 x H51cm